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I remember the first time I went to Philip Johnson’s Glass House, the structure stood rectangular, and every piece inside of it was tasteful and intended. My style of interior design is heavily influenced by the buildings themselves; the architecture of a structure is the first impression, and architects are where I find a lot of my inspirations from. I consider the rooms, or spaces that I design, to be my canvases. Each room must communicate different feelings and themes, each treated as their own project. I tend to source muted-palette furniture with hardwoods and occasional prints that aren’t too distracting. I enjoy creating calm settings that can, when appropriate, be ornamented and transformed easily.


 I find inspirations for my interior designs in social media, site visits, even the occasional retail space, or friend’s home. I am an avid online sourcer, routinely checking furniture lines for new designs, or paint companies for new colors. Though I’ve only worked in residential and commercial design for under three years, I’ve begun to create a mind-bank of resources for future projects. I constantly stockpile mock proposals, filled with furniture plans, lighting and electrical schedules, and budgets. I enjoy the process of identifying each need for a project; naming what needs to be done and aligning the project with a timeline and budget.

One of the most important aspects in my designs is logistics. I am currently working with CAD and Sketch Up to be able to create the spaces for my existing designs. Being able to craft a concrete design process for my interiors-including floor plans, layouts, and furnishings-is my current focus.