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I take pride in the way I like to source furnishings and ideas. I grew up going to seasonal flea markets with my antiquing parents. We would sleep in the back of a sprinter van or a box truck and wait for the treasure hunt of white tents lined up in the mornings. They would often set up a few items out of the back to make the trip worth while, but it was always about finding bits and pieces of things to make into new must-have staples. I often visit friends in their design studios and furniture shops locally. I attribute my style to growing up in a community of artists and designers with an appreciation of more than just whats trending in the moment. Learning about culturally charged collecting from fashion designers who travel the world, and always bring back beautiful things, and how to mix classical sculpture with modern structure from architects who mourn the dying art of hand drafting has shaped my view of interior design as a whole. Everywhere I go, I find myself looking for the best objects and items to fill spaces that don't exist yet. The sourcing,  both in-person and not, is a huge reason I find myself in this business. 

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